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It is one of the most important decisions, and biggest purchase, we will make in our lifetimes. When it comes to buying a house, we need to be ruled by our heads.


There will be a long list of requirements to be ticked off. From the number of bedrooms, to the location, and nearby schools and facilities, we all know what we want when we start house hunting.


But then we see it. THE house. And our hearts beat a little bit faster…


In a recent survey by Countryside, 53% of respondents described the experience of buying their dream home as “love at first sight”, with it taking just one visit before making the purchase. Whilst it took only a second visit for another 25% before parting with the money.


When it comes to house-hunting, you often hear about people talk about the “feeling”. Whether it be due to its location, size or internal features, something could be pulling on your heartstrings as soon as you step through the door.

However, it can’t all be about the love – sometimes logic has to come into play!



Making sure the price is right, checking there are no major structural issues, and meets all the requirements on your checklist is the sensible thing to do. Whilst compromise is an essential part of house-hunting, you cannot ignore your head over your heart.

We know it is easy to get swept away. After all, buying a house is not just a purely financial action. When heading for second (or more) viewings, it is time to to look at the practical factors.

Does it have enough storage? Are the windows double-glazed? How old is the roof? Can you grow in this property? Does the area have all the facilities you need?

Also, remember why you are house-hunting. If you are buying an investment property to rent out, location and rental prices will be driving factors, whilst if you are looking for your forever family home, space and potential for growth will be important ‘head’ drivers.

So are you be driven by your head or your heart when buying a house?