5 Tips For Find A Great Estate Agent

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5 tips to find a GREAT estate agent 

Every estate agent says they're a good estate agent.
But here are some tips to find a GREAT estate agents.

1.) Check your estate agent is part of a professional body such as NAEA
This means they are bound to a code of conduct and will be qualified and have n-depth knowledge of the sales process as well as the legal side.

2.) A good agent will come out and give you a free valuation. But a great agent will justify this valuation by providing evidence of properties sold nearby, market trends, etc.
Don't be miss-lead by over inflated prices as some agents will go in with a high valuation to make sure you choose them. Remember a realistic price will attract more buyers, therefore getting you the price your property is worth. If you put your property on the market for an inflated price then your property will become 'stagnant' on the market and will not sell for months on end - So don't fall for it. (This is a tactic used by up front fee agents as they just want your money, they get paid regardless if your property sells or not.

3.) A great agent will be able to pick out and confidently describe the major selling points of the property.
Such as location, period features, locality to nearby amenities, etc. If they can't convince you your property is great then how will they convince potential buyers?

4.) Make sure you ask where your property will be advertised and look out for how they promote similar properties to yours.
A good agent will agree to put you in pride of place in their shop window. But a GREAT agent will also advertise it in local newspapers, online, social media advertising and more.

5.) A good agent will say he can attract buyers, but a GREAT agent will already have a list of buyers who are looking to buy your sort of property in your area
They will be able to vet serious buyers and avoid the time wasters. As well as get your property sold in a timely manor.

You should ask 3 agents to value your house before you choose one. Yes fees are an important factor but you should choose the agent you are most comfortable dealing with and who you feel has the most confidence in selling your property for a high price.

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